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Football is the world’s largest media and social phenomenon as the most practiced sport which too often is the stage on which unacceptable aggression, rioting and violence are acted out with scant regard for sporting principles or respect for persons and properties. For millions of people it is anti-educative and produces inclusion and division at the same time.

Calciosociale is indeed a revolutionary type of football: open to all and based on deliberately reinterpreted rules and out of the common logic of extraordinary social impacts. Transforming the football field into everyday gyms, where integration happens among poor people who come in direct contact with people without disabilities.

By applying the methodology of Calciosociale, CROSS project aims to promote a new vision of football and sport, made of cooperation and tolerance. The football field becomes an integrated community: an example of mutual respect and cultural diversity.

Specific project objectives are as follows:
– Experience and dissemination of the methodology of Calciosociale to promote within and outside the association the participation of all as an integration tool.
– Understanding through scientific research to what extent Calciosociale may influence some of the human dimensions, as to understand if participation to this form of sport can promote the inclusion and integration, overcoming the barriers of gender, age and religion


First Step: Technical Training on the methodology of Calciosociale and the creation of teams, with the support of trainer from Campo dei Miracoli and the university staff. Calciosociale is not just a set of rules but a “philosophy of life” to apply even outside the football fields.

Second Step: all partners will lead local tournaments, according to Calciosociale modes: not only games but also voluntary activities that impact the final ranking. During local tournaments, all partners will organize a seminar (#BEACTIVE #BEINCLUSIVE) on the importance of sport as social inclusion tool, and as to raise awareness about the project activities among institutions and communities.

Third Step: winning teams from local tournaments will travel to Rome for the final tournament at Campo dei Miracoli to dispute a transnational competition. During this competition, the University of Tor Vergata will show its scientific research.