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Calciosociale was founded in 2005 as an amateur sports association. For over 10 years, they have been working in youth contexts with a high risk of deviance, proposing an educational and pedagogical activity that involves the youngsters and their families at 360 degrees.

In 2009, thanks to the commitment of volunteers, institutions, companies, and citizens, the Campo dei Miracoli was born – Valentina Venanzi, a sports center open to everyone in the Corviale area, a suburb of Rome.

In 2012, Calciosociale was called to the European Parliament in Brussels to report its experience as an example of an associative reality that carries out an innovative project on social inclusion to be replicated in all the capitals of Europe!



Dietmar Stöckle has more than 15 year-experience in organizing Sport – projects (Football, Basketball, Volleyball) with educational contents.

After a collaboration, more than 10 years, with AC Milan, we started, in 2015, a new project with AS Roma. In spring 2016 it was founded Stöckle Sport & Care, a nonprofit company, to point out the importance of this new social project. At the moment about 30 persons are working with them (coaches, teachers, educators) and in 2018 they will have taken care of more than 700 kids!


The Sports Club Levski Sofia was founded in 1914 by a group of students from the second Boys’ High School in Sofia, with football as the main sport practiced. Its name was chosen in honor of the national hero of the Bulgarian Risorgimento, Vasil Levski (1837-1873), on the proposal of one of the founders, Boris Vasilev.

Levski Sofia was the leader of the Bulgarian sports movement for an entire century, with 35 sports sections and numerous results obtained with the professional football team at European-level. Levski Sofia is the only Bulgarian club that won the Cup in three different team sports – basketball, volleyball, and athletics.

Levski sports club athletes have won nearly 1.000 medals in their history.


Debreceni Honved SE Plasz Focisuli (DHSE) has been operating in the sports sector since 1990.

Engaged annually in the creation of various sporting events, since 2014 it is the Hungarian partner of Eurosporting, the European youth football tournament. Also, the club is involved in organizing events in Italy, Romania, and Serbia. The purpose is to promote sport as an activity for everyone, allowing children to come into contact with different cultures.

Thanks to international cooperation, DHSE offers high-level professional programs: football events where children and trainers meet new people, create new friendships regardless of language difficulties.


The College of West Anglia (often abbreviated as CWA) is a higher education institution composed of three campuses between Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, England.

Founded in 1894 as the technical school of King Lynn in the port city of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, in 1998 it merged with the Cambridgeshire school of agriculture and horticulture, forming the College of West Anglia. The college then merged with the Wisbech College in 2006 keeping the name of College of West Anglia.

The College of West Anglia teaches over 10,000 full-time and part-time students, offering a wide range of professional and academic fields. The college also provides for tailor-made training for local businesses, apprentices and higher education courses, conducted in partnership
with Anglia Ruskin University.


The University of Rome Tor Vergata was established in 1982: it is therefore a relatively young University. It was designed on the model of Anglo-Saxon campuses: it stretches on 600 hectares and hosts important research institutions, such as CNR and the Italian Space Agency – ASI.

Many other centres are located close to this University, e.g. ENEA, ESA-ESRIN, the National Institute of Astrophysics, Monte Porzio Catone Observatory and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. Right from the start their presence has contributed to turning “Tor Vergata” into a dynamic research pole.

The degree courses in Sports Science – Faculty of Medicine and Surgery – have become part of the C.R.O.S.S. Erasmus+ project as Scientific Partner.